Monday, June 06, 2011

Presidential Wreath Laying at Tomb of the Unknowns First Ever 3D movie

We are in the production phase of producing the first ever 3D movie of the Presidential Wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2011. We have produced the first Indian Baraat 3D movie and now the first Arlington Memorial Service in 3D.
I'll be posting the link for the new 3D movie after we've completed the editing.
3D video production requires huge computer resources and is a bit time consuming but seeing the final results will be worth the wait.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

3-D video of South Asian Wedding Baraat, requires 3D glasses to view.

3D video on Vimeo, South Asian Indian Baraat Wedding Ceremony

Baraat is a Punjabi bridegroom's wedding procession. The custom of the groom traveling to the wedding venue on a white mare, accompanied by his family members has been adopted by many Indian families here in the U.S.
The baraat can become a large procession with entertainment, the dancing
of the groom's family and friends during a short trip to the ceremony location.

It's fun to watch a groom brandishing his sword for what is frequently the first time on a horse.