Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bridal & Valentine Boudoir Photography at The Edge

You’ve spent time getting in shape for that wedding so flaunt it. Create those sensuous images that can be a special gift for your future husband.
Boudoir photography isn’t about nudity, it’s about what’s hidden, and it’s about imagination.
Don & Ines are a husband and wife team who will put you at ease and create artistic images that evoke emotion, and document the beauty of both you and your fashionable lingerie.
This is your chance to capture a romantic image that reflects your personality.
For some women it may be a high-key softly lit image in lingerie and for others something more playful and country like jeans and your guy’s shirt. Other women want to create a fantasy image suggesting mystery and seduction. Perhaps a Venetian mask. Let you imagination run wild, have fun and you will have a little black book of images that you both will treasure for a lifetime.
Visit the “For His Eyes Only” gallery on our website for a few samples of what stepping over The Edge means.

For His Eyes Only is also a perfect gift at Valentines, Christmas, or New Years.

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