Friday, December 12, 2008

White's Ferry Stranding on Friday December 12th

We had an exciting morning commute to our photo-shoot this morning. We got stranded for several hours on Whites Ferry across the Potomac River from Leesburg to Poolsville.
With the first heavy rains last night we had a large amount of debris in the river including large trees. One of these became caught under the ferry and than other trees started snagging the ferry cable, which was lifted off the bottom of the river by the ferry's midstream position.
River rescue teams from Maryland and the fire department from Virginia soon joined us.
Next a news helicopter and than the media from the various networks joined the scene while we evacuated the ferry via the zodiacs with the help of the rescue squads.
Following several hours of delays the ferry crew was able to remove the large tree wedged under the ferry with a tractor and bring our cars to shore.
No one hurt or stressed, just very late for arrival at our various destinations.

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