Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Washington Post Express and WEPSA

The Washington Post Express and WEPSA

Today, the Washington Post Express printed an article about ethnic weddings, and in particular South Asia wedding events. The Express interviewed a number of members from one on my networking groups “Wedding, Event Professionals South Asia” or WEPSA. WEPSA is a small group of event and wedding professionals focused on creating a tight network of companies focused on providing quality and integrity to the South Asia and Indian community. Common sense basics such as liability insurance, business licenses, tax ID’s are required, but more importantly respect from peers in the event industry. WEPSA members know the vendors that provide quality services with a proven track record and also those that skate by on the lack of knowledge of clients. Brides are making one of the larger investments of their lives when they marry, but have little experience in planning an event of this magnitude and the questions to ask, or how to judge vendors. One of the goals of WEPSA is to educate customers and establish a referral base of quality vendors for those brides.
Don’t think of these vendors as just a resource for South Asian events, they can also deliver outstanding results for any bride or corporate event. After all, once you’ve mastered an elaborate multi-day Indian event, anything else is easy.

Here is a link to the Washington Post Express article dated January 28th: on page 39

Here is a link to the WEPSA website:

The Edge Photography Studio is proud to be a founding member of WEPSA.

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