Saturday, January 23, 2010

View from our cabin outside Smoky Mountain National Park

Ines and I had the chance to escape for a few days to a wonderful log cabin looking out towards the Smoky Mountains. This photo is a vertical panorama (vertical stitching) composed from 5 different images taken with a 400mm f3.5 lens on the Nikon D300s which with the crop factor made an effective focal length of 600mm. ISO was 2000 and exposure was 1/160 second at f4.

The cabins were new and real luxury with a hot tub hanging out over the 20 foot drop to the scree slope below us. Hi-speed internet, large jucuzzi tub and just a great place to watch the weather and fog move in and out of the valleys and mountains to the east. A great place to veg and read a book which in this case was "Priceless" by William Poundstone. A very entertaining book pertient to anyone running a business.

Time now to prepare for the bridal shows and process some images for competitions.

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