Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lot's of happenings at The Edge

We've had a lot of neat things happening this year going into spring. I need to catch up on blogging about a lot of events for us.
First we've had our images published in the last two issues of Professional Image Maker magazine. The images were gold award winners in the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographer competitions.

We had a great Bridal Show at West Belmont in Leesburg where we offered free engagement pictures to brides. Harmon's Carriage gave us a great backdrop for the couples.

Two of our images won Silver Awards in the British Professional Photographers Assoc. March competition. I will post those images on here as well as add them to our facebook gallery.

Most unique, was our videography and photography at Arlington National Cemetery on Friday, April 9th. We documented the memorial service and funeral for 4 helicopter crewman recovered from Vietnam. They were lost in 1965 and after decades of active searching the crash site was finally located last winter.
I was contacted by Medal of Honor awardee Bruce Crandall. Bruce was a Vietnam era helicopter pilot whose exploits (actually just a few of many exploits)  are documented in the movie "We Were Soldiers" and the book "We were Soldiers and Young". I understand that there are about 91 living receipients of the MOH and one passes away about every 6 weeks. Bruce was the commander for the Huey 808 crew and hired us to document the Arlington service for the families of the lost soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division.
Well known Hollywood tenor Steve Amerson also flew in at Bruce's request to sing at the memorial service in the Old Post Chapel on Fort Myers.
During the funeral a formation of Huey helicopters flew in formation over the gravesite and up the Potomac River creating a wonderful scene that I know the families will remember forever.
It's well worth the time to look up on Wikipedia the information about Bruce, his comrades and the bravery shown in war for our country.
The Delta Company honor guard also wants images from the service and I'm reminded of our trip in March to Valley Forge where I learned that they were actually the personal guard for George Washington during the revolutionary war.
Friday was a great refresher for any history buff of a huge timeline of events that's tied to a small number of great people.

I also encourage you to check out Steve Amerson's website for great music.


Now back to processing images for everyone, that's obviously my medium for expression.

Don Harper

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