Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rest In Peace Boring Wedding Formals that run too long.


These are some fun pictures from a recent wedding at Fauquier Springs Country Club with a great bridal party that put up with my insanity.

When Ines and I meet with couples we've discovered a frequent refrain is that the bride and groom have been in lots of bridal parties and hate the length of time that may be spent on formal pictures. Time that could be spent at the cocktail hour with friends, family, and a drink or two. The couple wants to know that we're not going to torture their bridal party, but still get great images. We promise to deliver, in fact even weddings that are running late are frequently back on track as we move quickly through formals that will still impress not just the bride and groom, but their parents as well.

Anyway, this is sort of my vision of what happens when the bridal party lapse into a coma from boring long slooow... formal sessions.

Let's have fun, remember that the wedding day is about your family and friends celebrating the day and still get those pictures unlike any you've ever seen.

Don & Ines Harper
The Edge Photography Studio

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