Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arlington Picture of the Week from Frank Buckles Funeral

I have received a couple of comments and emails about the Arlington Picture of the Week not being what I stated for content or my image.

I discovered that Arlington National Cemetery used my image not from them but a friendly alert from a watchful fan. I had no problem with the use of the image but did want a credit for it's use which is more than reasonable. It wasn't produced by the Arlington staff.
 I sent ANC an email requesting credit which they said they would do and that it was an honest mistake.
Several days later instead of a credit they removed the photo. As we all know you can't remove anything from the internet, once it's out there it's there.
In short, what I stated in by blog earlier this week was the factual truth and here is the screen capture before they made the change.

Actually, they removed my copyrighted photo as picture of the week. They attributed my original photo to their own staff. When I asked for a corrected photo credit they said they would fix it that it was an honest mistake.
Than last night instead of a credit correcting their error they removed the photo.

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